School Skills



School skills was originally written for students with autism, but it has been helpful for all children that have difficulty with social interactions at school. It takes the abstract rules of school and gives the students a more concrete way of navigating the classroom environment.

Everyone gets upset when unexpected things happen. Unexpected behavior also gets people upset. When people are upset with someones behavior, good things won’t come their way. If behavior is expected, good things can happen, people will go out of their way to be nice  and friends will be made.

As a Special Education Teacher I found this unique way to teach social skills very simple for my students to understand. Using Expected and Unexpected behavior can be generalized to any social situation. 

School Skills is broken down into seven categories, Conversations, Classroom, Cafeteria, PE Class, Recess, Playing with friends, and Feelings/Other Social Skills (Anger, Disappointment, Waiting, Responsibility).  Each category is further broken down. Once a category is selected a general social story about that social skill is presented.

On the bottom are Expected and Unexpected buttons.  Toggling on these buttons lets the student know the Expected or Unexpected behavior for that skill. I think you will find this very helpful in a classroom setting. It has worked wonders for my students.




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The first screen lists the social skills that can be selected.

The second screen is where a social story can be read. Notice the Expected and Unexpected buttons on the bottom of the screen. Toggling between the two gives the behaviors that others are expecting or behaviors that would be unexpected to other people.

These last two screens show the behaviors that are expected or unexpected. Here is were the social expectations are made very concrete. This is why this app works so well with all students.